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Best Glass for IPA, but also suitable as a gose glass and sour beer glass

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The Veil Brewing Company is located in Richmond, Virginia. The Veil is known for brewing an array of delicious craft beer; however, craft beer enthusiasts praise them for their IPAs and fruited sour beers. Today, we are providing our thoughts on White Ferarri, which is a Double IPA brewed and dry-hopped with an equal amount of Citra and Galaxy hops.

Beer Glassware: Hops on Hops | Craft Beer Glass for IPA and Gose Glass 

  Hops on Hops is a two-color vibrant hop design that is screen-printed and heat-cured onto the snifter beer vessels. We designed the artwork to resemble five individual hop cones stacked on top of one another. The hops signify the flavor and aroma qualities of the popular IPA.
These beer vessels are appropriate to use as a Gose Glass, Pale Ale Glass, Saison Glass, Sour Beer Glass, or Glass for IPA.
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White Ferarri Double IPA pours a hazy bright golden yellow color with a slim frothy white head.


The Veil's DIPA expresses really dominant tropical aromas. Huge notes of pineapple, melon, stone fruit, and subtle hints of creamy vanilla cake.


White Ferrari expresses an exotic and somewhat one sided flavor profile. The palate is dominated by tropical fruit with minimal grassy undertones. The double IPA is packed full of juicy pineapple, grapefruit, apricot, and ripe cantaloupe. White Ferrari's mouthfeel is smooth and somewhat fluffy, which complements the cake like malt profile. Veil Brewing Company's tropical double IPA is medium bodied and finishes off smooth with minimal bitterness.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, White Ferrari is our favorite double IPA from Veil Brewing Company. The IPA is juicy, smooth, and packed full of hop flavor. White Ferrari is exactly what you expect from a New England style double IPA. We really enjoyed drinking this IPA out of the Hops on Hops beer glass because the wide bowl really enhanced the wonderful hop aroma. Our favorite hops are Citra and Galaxy; therefore, we are not surprised that we really enjoyed this double India Pale Ale.

 The Veil Brewing Company sells limited release craft beer cans on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm. The Veil does not usually sell out of craft cans on release day; however, the craft brewery is known to draw large crowds when their fruited sour beers are released. Any limited release craft beer is available for draft pours in the tap room.


We recommend visiting this fantastic craft brewery for their limited release craft beer cans, or a fresh growler of their hazy IPA, double IPA or fruited sour beers. 

Our Recommendations:

The Veil Brewing Company:

White Ferrari (DIPA), Dirt Nap (DIPA), Master Shredder (IPA),  Hornswoggler (Stout Beer), and Never Know (Fruited Sour Beer).


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Brewery Location:

The Veil Brewing Company

1301 Roseneath Road
Richmond, VA 23230