October 12, 2023 3 min read

Battle of the Beans: Gas vs. Hot Air – Crafting the Freshest Coffee

In the world of coffee connoisseurs, the battle between roasting methods is like the ongoing feud between coffee snobs and the "just give me caffeine" crowd. Drum roll, please! Introducing the epic showdown: Gas Drum Roasters vs. Hot Air Fluid Bed Roasters! These are the contenders in our quest for the freshest and best craft coffee online.

Round 1: The Traditional Champ - Gas Drum Roasters

In one corner, we have the heavyweight champ, Gas Drum Roasters! These burly machines have been a staple in the coffee industry for ages, roasting beans with a method as old as time. It's like grandma's secret recipe – tried and true.

Gas Drum Roasters are like the slow-cooker of the coffee world. They roast beans in a rotating drum, heated by gas flames. This process is known for its consistency and ability to bring out the flavors in coffee beans, but it also has a few downsides.

Round 2: The Challenger - Hot Air Fluid Bed Roasters

In the other corner, we have the fiery newcomer, Hot Air Fluid Bed Roasters! These roasters bring innovation to the coffee world, using hot air to swirl and roast beans. Think of it as the coffee equivalent of a hot air balloon ride.

Fluid Bed Roasting creates a tornado of hot air that circulates around the beans, resulting in a quicker and more even roast. The hot air lifts the beans, allowing for a uniform heat distribution, which is essential for even extraction and flavor development. The beans don't sit still for a second, getting an even tan all around – like they're on a beach vacation.

Why Roasting With Hot Air Wins the Taste Test

So, you're probably wondering, why should you care? Well, it all boils down to the taste. Drum roasters can often produce a smoky and woody flavor due to the direct contact of beans with the gas flames. This can sometimes mask the bean's unique characteristics, leaving you with a uniform, roast-y taste.

On the other hand, fluid bed roasters, with their hot air cyclone, give coffee beans room to breathe. This leads to a cleaner, brighter cup with more pronounced flavors. You'll taste the berry notes in that Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or the nutty undertones in that Colombian brew. Plus, they're less likely to develop that charred or burnt taste that some coffee snobs frown upon.

Why I Prefer Craft Coffee Loves the Hot Air Showdown

At I Prefer Craft Coffee, we've hitched our wagon to roasting with 100% hot air for a reason. We believe in serving you the most vibrant, aromatic, and tastebud-tickling coffee possible. We want you to experience the full spectrum of flavors from the beans, and that's why we've chosen the fluid bed method.

Our beans never sit still; they're like teenagers at a rock concert – constantly moving and partying in the hot air! This dynamic roasting process ensures that the coffee you receive is not only the freshest but also the most flavorful.

So, there you have it – the ultimate showdown between traditional gas powered drum roasters and electric hot air fluid bed roasters. While both have their merits, we firmly believe that the fluid bed roaster takes the crown for producing the cleanest, tastiest coffee around.

When you want the freshest craft coffee online, make sure to choose beans roasted with love, good vibes, and innovation. Go for the roaster that doesn't just roast but dances with the beans, creating a symphony of flavors in every cup. Get I Prefer Craft Coffee, and let your taste buds thank you. Cheers to fresher, cleaner, and tastier coffee!