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Costa Rica Black Honey | Single Origin Coffee

Treat Your Taste Buds To Exotic Bliss
This is an extremely rare single estate Costa Rica Black Honey. It's a full honey & carbolic maceration processed coffee from Costa Rica with a fruity flavor profile and a sweet honey finish. Its sweetness is intense and well balanced, complemented by notes of fleshy Tropical Fruit, Candied Berry and even a slight honey wine-like character. Our Black Honey coffees have gone through the full honey process to achieve a fully fermented fruit taste while keeping its bright acidity and complex aroma intact. As one of the most sought-after coffees, it has become quite hard to come by - but our expert sourcing team was able to get you the very best in flavor! So, indulge yourself in this exquisite coffee and savor its extraordinary flavors while the best craft coffee online is still available.
Origin: Costa Rica, La Naciente || Altitude: 1330m || Process: Full Black Honey
Q-Graded Outstanding - 90 of 100
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