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Cold Brew Coffee
Roast Profile

The Best Cold Brew Kits

Our single origin and blended specialty coffees are now available in a delicious brew-at-home cold brew kit! Our awesome cold brew kits are simple to make and taste absolutely fantastic. You can make an entire jug of delicious cold brew for your entire week with one 3-pack cold brew coffee kit. Each Cold Brew Coffee Kit makes roughly 1-gallon of cold brew coffee.

Available Cold Brew Coffee Kits

Guatemala Huehuetenago:  Slight Citrus Notes, Very Smooth, Nutty and Rich Chocolate. Low Acidity.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Bright, Slight Citrus, Hints of Berry, Floral with a slightly Nutty and Chocolate Finish.

Knives & Drinks Blend:Smooth, Lower Acidity, Nutty, Chocolate, and Citrus Notes.

Kenyan Kiamutira: Bright, Wine, Citrus and slight Stonefruit and Chocolate Notes.

Ethiopian Limmu Organic:Strawberry, Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Slightly Nutty

Pasta Boyz Blend: Moderately Bright, Full-bodied, Rich, Slight Berry, Nutty, Chocolate-forward.

Iced Cinnamon Bun:Flavored Naturally With Cinnamon Sticks, Vanilla Bean, Cardamom, Coconut Flour, and Dehydrated Honey.

Roast Profiles: Medium | Dark

Size: 3 x (75g) Individual Cold Brew Bags (Each Kit Makes Roughly 1-Gallon)

*Note*  - Our Small Batch Craft Coffees are roasted to order. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to roast your small batch coffee beans. Our roasting process ensures you receive the freshest and best small batch coffee.