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Breakfast Club EDC Coffee | Best Breakfast Blend Coffee

A rich and fragrant blend of South American & East African coffees to create a truly unique breakfast experience. It's a balanced coffee that pairs perfectly with your morning. This blend is exclusive to ladies and gents over at Breakfast Club EDC and is only around for a limited time (once a month).

Tasting Notes:

Light Roast : Very bright, Hight Acidity, Sweet, Nutty, Earthy, HIGH CAFFEINE, Berry

Medium Roast :  Bright, Chocolate, Nutty and Buttery, Medium-bodied, Semi-Sweet finish with slight notes of citrus.

Dark Roast :Robust, Tobacco, Slightly Smokey, Bold, Tar

Bourbon Barrel-Aged : Bright, Nutty, Oak, Bourbon, Spice, Slight Chocolate

Breakfast Club Blend Coffee:

Notes: Balanced, Clean, Chocolate, Nutty and slight Citrus & Fruit Notes.

Process: Sun Dried on Raised Beds

Altitude: 1,300 to 1,700 Meters

Region/District: African & South American Coffees

Size: 1lb Bag w/ Degassing Valve