Hop Cluster Beer Patch | Craft Beer Patches

Hop Cluster Embroidered Beer Patches:

  • 100% Embroidered Heat-cut Thread
  • Hook-and-loop-backed Patch
  • 4.00" x 2.69"

 A simple; yet, vibrant cluster of hops. Our unique Hop Cluster beer patch belongs in every beer enthusiasts everyday carry patch collection and is a great addition to your EDC beer gear. Whether you enjoy hop-forward ales or adjunct centric stouts, hops are used in nearly every style of beer.

Go ahead, slap the Hop Cluster beer patches on your headliner, backpack, hat, or whatever else you feel the hook-and-loop-backed hop beer patch belongs.

Colors: Green and Black

Material: Heat-cut Thread

Size: 4.00" x 2.69"