Big Hop 16oz Beer Sleeve Cooler | Drink Local Beer Hugger

Drink Local Beer & Big Hop Insulated Can Cooler
  • Reduces the rate of warming by 50%
  • Made of premium 4mm Neoprene
  • Collapsible design & gold alloy zipper
  • Suitable for 16-ounce cans (energy drinks, too)

    You drink local beer, but you need an insulated can cooler that is lightweight, collapsible and reduces warming by 50%. Our newest Big Hop design conveys the bold flavors and aromas you seek from the most popular style of beer - India Pale Ale.

    Don't let warming ruin your delicious local beer. Get yourself a Big Hop & Drink Local 16-ounce beer can insulator.

    Product Details:

    Model: C-16 (MyBomberJacket)

    Size: 16 oz (473 ml)

    Design: Big Hop (Front) & Drink Local Beer (Back)

    Material: Neoprene

    **Note, Beer is NOT included with purchase.