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Egg Head Blend Coffee

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🍳 Rise and Shine with Egg Head Blend! 🍳

Introducing your new Everyday Carry Coffee – the Egg Head Blend from I Prefer Craft Coffee & Breakfast Club EDC is the best edc craft coffee online. It's not just coffee; it's your daily dose of deliciousness, everyday!

What's the buzz, you ask? Well, this blend is like the breakfast club of coffee, blending natural South & Central coffee beans to create a flavor extravaganza. Picture this: strawberry jam, honey peach, and chocolate – they're all invited to the party, and your taste buds are the VIP guests!

But wait, there's more! This blend isn't just delicious; it's practical too. Packed in a 12oz bag with a fancy degassing valve (because even coffee needs to let off steam), it's the perfect companion for your home or office. Morning brews just got an upgrade!

So, why wait? Kickstart your mornings with a cup of Egg Head Blend and conquer the day with a grin. It's not just coffee; it's your secret weapon for morning success. Grab a bag today and join the Breakfast Club!

Origin: Brazil & Costa Rica || Altitude: 1200-1350m || Process: Natural & Honey