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Motor Oil Imperial Stout Glass | Pastry Stout Beer Glass | 14oz

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Motor Oil Imperial Stout Glass | Barrel-aged Beer Glass:

  • Accentuates Flavor Profiles
  • Concentrates Aromatics
  • Tulip Beer Glass
  • 14-Ounce Beer Glass

Think big, viscous imperial stouts with every adjunct you could possibly imagine. We embrace the difference, but there's no denying that lactose laden pastry stouts pour like motor oil.

This stemless beer tumbler displays a unique but purposeful shape that enhances aromatics and accentuates flavors. It's versatile; yet, sophisticated.

Go ahead. Pour, sip, and savor the moment with your new imperial stout glass.

Color: Bright Gold Metallic (*Hand Wash Only*)
Limit: 2 Per Person
Capacity: 14oz