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Snifter Silhouette 3.0 Teku Glass | IPA Stemware | Proper Beer Glassware | 14.5 Oz Beer Glass

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Snifter Silhouette Teku Glass | Beer Stemware and IPA Glassware :
  • Large Angled Bowl
  • Great glass for IPA and hop-forward beer styles.
  • Durable, Stylish, and Sensory Refining
  • Slim Flared Lip
  • Thick Stem and Wide Base
  • Designed to Enhance the Sensory Experience
  • 14.5-Ounce Capacity

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Our popular Snifter Silhouette logo is inked in Bright Gold Metallic on the Rastal 3.0 Teku glass. These Teku glasses were never publicly released.  We've only produced 15 of these glasses. We are releasing the metallic gold snifter teku beer stemware in batches of 5 and will restock them in batches of 5 until they are sold out.

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