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The Stick & Stave Coffee | Best Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee

Immerse yourself in the flavor and aroma of Stick & Stave's BBA Coffee
If you're a cigar and bourbon lover, this is the coffee for you. Our exclusive coffee is aged on REAL American oak that has been soaked with very special Bourbon & Apple Wood rye varieties from Starlight Distillery & Widow Jane, providing you with an unforgettable cigar and bourbon-loving experience. Its taste is like no other: spice, American oak, and citrus aromas combine to create a rich and velvety taste, sure to leave your salivating palate wanting more. This luxurious treat is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their morning cup of joe or who enjoys cigars after dinner. Don't miss out on this truly unique opportunity - try Stick & Stave's BBA Coffee today!
Origin: Guatemala || Altitude: 1800m || Process: Washed, Bourbon Barrel-aged
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