January 12, 2023 3 min read

The Best Way to Get Fresh, Craft Coffee Online
Are you looking for the best way to get the freshest craft coffee online? Look no further! At I Prefer Craft Coffee, we believe that nothing beats the taste of freshly roasted, high-scoring specialty coffee beans. We roast our coffee on-demand using 100% clean hot air, same-day as you place your order (M-F by 12PM EST). This ensures that our coffee is always at its peak freshness when it reaches you. Our commitment to quality means that we take care to roast each batch of beans to perfection and hand-pack them into bags for the best flavor.
What is clean hot air coffee?
Clean Air Coffee is roasted with 100% clean hot air and not a combustion gas like most specialty and commercial coffee roasters.  This process preserves the flavor of the beans, allowing for each batch of fresh craft coffee to express its true flavors and aromas. All of our coffees are roasted-to-order, which means that we roast our specialty coffee beans as soon as you place an order, resulting in the highest quality of taste in every cup (Order by 12pm EST M-F).
How is it made?
We roast each batch in our custom-designed roaster using 100% clean hot air. By roasting coffee with clean air, we are able to create craft coffee unlike any other. This ensures a perfectly balanced and flavorful roast every time. The result is craft coffee that is flavorful and fresh every single time. Once the batch has finished roasting, we cool the craft coffee quickly and hand-pack it into bags, which we send out the same day so you can enjoy the freshest craft coffee online right in your own home.
What are the benefits?
Small-batch coffee is important because it guarantees each roast is given personalized attention and carefully monitored during the entire process. Roast-to-order coffee means that each bag of beans is roasted after you placed your order, ensuring consistent quality from beginning to end. Every order also comes with a flavor wheel & tasting notes highlighting each bean’s unique characteristics as well as step-by-step instructions on how best to brew them for optimal taste. Our selection of small-batch coffees offers an unparalleled range of flavor profiles for all types of coffee drinkers, from light and fruity Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to rich and creamy Guatemalan Antigua. Whether you are a fan of espresso or filter coffee, our roast-to-order approach means you always get the perfect cup of deliciousness delivered straight to your door!
How can I get it?
You can place your order on our website any time or day of the week by visiting our website and selecting one of our freshly-roasted coffee beans. Once you’ve chosen your roast to order coffee, we will begin roasting the beans with 100% clean hot air in a process that takes about 12-15 minutes. This means that the coffee beans are freshly roasted when they are shipped out, preserving the unique and complex flavors that you won’t find in other mass-produced coffee beans. We hand-pack the roasted specialty coffee beans in sealed bags that preserve the freshness and aroma until you open them at home. We use only certified organic and fair trade coffee beans that are ethically sourced from small independent farmers around the world. We take pride in delivering high-quality roast-to-order coffee directly to you. Try us out today and see why we have become known for providing some of the best craft coffee online!