February 12, 2023 3 min read

I Prefer Craft Coffee: How long does coffee stay fresh for?
Are you wondering how long does coffee stay fresh for? If you're looking for the freshest roasted specialty coffee online, I Prefer Craft Coffee has the answer. Our specialty coffee stays at peak freshness for 2-3 weeks after it's been roasted to perfection using clean hot air. However, if you want to extend the shelf life of our coffee, you can simply evacuate the oxygen from the bag, and it can last up to 4 weeks. Read on to find out more about how I Prefer Craft Coffee can provide you with the freshest, most flavorful coffee around!
What affects the freshness of coffee?
Exposing roasted coffee to light, humidity, and oxygen. All of these things degrade the taste and freshness of the small batch coffee. To ensure our customers are receiving fresh specialty coffee online with every purchase, we use specially designed UV-blocking packaging that keeps the coffee fresh & safe from the elements. We start by roasting our beans with clean hot air that locks in their natural flavors and oils. Next, we put the freshly roasted coffee beans into special packaging that is designed to keep air and light out so the freshness is preserved even when you order coffee online. We also provide additional protection against moisture and heat exposure by keeping our special bags of craft coffee in temperature-controlled environments until they are shipped off to your door. With I Prefer Craft Coffee you can trust that your small batch coffee will be delivered fresh each time!
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How long is coffee at its peak freshness?
Coffee is at peak freshness for around 2-3 weeks but can be extended up to 4 weeks when the proper storage practices are followed. The best way to ensure your craft coffee stays at its freshest is to buy small batch coffee from I Prefer Craft Coffee – one of the best places to get craft coffee online. At I Prefer Craft Coffee, we use a vacuum seal and clean hot air roasting process that seals in all of the flavor and aroma so your coffee will last for weeks without losing any of its bold taste and fragrance. All our specialty bags contain a one-way valve that prevents oxygen from entering, ensuring your small batch coffees remain fresher, longer. So next time you’re looking for the best craft coffee online, be sure to check out I Prefer Craft Coffee and enjoy coffee that tastes freshly roasted every time!
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How to extend the shelf life of coffee?
You can extend the shelf life of your coffee by maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels while blocking out 100% of sunlight.  To make sure you’re getting the best tasting fresh specialty coffee online, purchase from I Prefer Craft Coffee – with our quick delivery you’ll get fresh coffee delivered fast every time! Since we roast our specialty coffees using clean hot air, the craft coffee retains their flavor until you finish the bag. To take it a step further, we vacuum seal our specialty bags with nitrogen, which evacuates all oxygen, extending freshness up to 4 weeks after roasting! When it comes to fresh specialty coffee online, you won’t find better than I Prefer Craft Coffee!
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